Date: To be determined

Time: 06:30pm

General Meeting

Location: Grenada meeting hall

3208 8 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2A 7V8





Here is some information about Grenada.



Capital Saint George's
Total Area 131.27 sq mi
340.00 sq km
(twice the size of Washington, DC)
Population Approximately 100,000 (2017)
Est. Population in 2050 87,136
Languages English (official), French patois
Literacy 98.0% total, 98.0% male, 98% female (1970 est.)
Religions Roman Catholic 53%, Anglican 13.8%, other Protestant 33.2%
Life Expectancy 70.5 male, 75.8 female (2017 est.)
Government Type Parliamentary democracy with election help every four years. The leader becomes Prime Minister.
Currency 1 East Caribbean dollar (EC$) = 100 cents
GDP (per capita) $4,400 (2000 est.)
Industry Food and beverages, textiles, light assembly operations, tourism, construction
Agriculture Bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, mace, citrus, avocados, root crops, sugarcane, corn, vegetables
Arable Land 15%
Natural Resources Timber, tropical